by Postmortem

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released February 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Postmortem Pelotas, Brazil

Brazillian Death Metal since 2004, Old School Killing Intent

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Track Name: Above All Lies
Above all Lies

I'm whom you look but can't see
from the shadows I hunt my preys

and feast on their fear
enjoy their nightmares
chained to their hollow laws
legends told through generations

Lies written on books
followed whitout question

From the dephts I will come
my kingdom I will conquer

divine inner demon
- the god within my soul
I reign over the carnal existence
- Bow to no rules

damned to stand In shadows
- but I don't regret my sins
my revenge is soon to come
- my sword will taste their blood once more

I will crawl from beyond
out from the pits of then

from below their palaces
I shall burn them all
No remorse for the blinds
fanatic followers of their lies

I shall burn the words
I shall raise my fists

From the dephts I will come
my kingdom I will conquer

From the dephts I will come
above all lies
Track Name: Possession of Spirit and Flesh
Possession of Spirit and Flesh

ancient aligment of stars and planets
chosed this fate for this weak creature
doommed to carry a black seed
host to the worst parasite

now its time to eclode
now its time to spawn

germinating inside the body
a ectoplasm takes form
feasting on weakness of flesh
carving a hole on the soul

convulsions of the deformed ego
voices tormenting inside

evil dream turn to reality
the dreadful soul takes its form
tearing the flesh, its only a shell

evil spirit overpowering this casket
dreadfull demon controling the body

spirit possession
soul brutality
flesh aggression
moral depravity